Daylight is a theme for future versions of Mozilla Calendar, Sunbird and Lightning. It provides a bright, sunny colour scheme.

Here is a month view:

Here is a week view, with the events list closed:

Note:  In these screenshots, the Calendar Folders and Clock Tab extensions are also installed.

The current version of Daylight is a prototype for Sunbird 0.3a1 test builds only.

At the time of writing, work on some areas is still in progress. You can expect changes in Sunbird to break this prototype.

For installation instructions, see the bottom of this page.

The Daylight project is a subproject of Calendar Help.

Installing Daylight

To use the Daylight prototype, you should have a Sunbird 0.3a1+ test build from January 2006 or later.

If you are using the Sunbird 0.3a1 alpha release, you can try to make Daylight work by editing Sunbird's defaults/pref/sunbird.js file. Add the line:

pref("extensions.dss.enabled", false); // Dynamic Skin Switching
Some builds might have other bugs that prevent you from using Daylight.

To install Daylight, choose Tools – Themes... from Sunbird's menu bar. Drag the link below and drop it in the Themes window:


Note:   Daylight version numbers have no relationship to Sunbird or Lightning version numbers.

Wait for the download, and allow the installation to proceed.

Select Daylight and press the Use Theme button.

Restart Sunbird.

Uninstalling Daylight

To stop using Daylight, there is no need to uninstall it. To use a different theme, return to the Themes window, select the theme and press the Use Theme button. Close and restart Sunbird.

To uninstall Daylight, return to the Themes window, select Daylight and press the Uninstall button. Close and restart Sunbird.

The calendarhelp project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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