Clock Picker

Clock Picker is an extension for future versions of Mozilla Calendar, Sunbird and Lightning.

It provides time pickers in the form of circular clock faces. You can drag the hands with your mouse to set the time.

The current version of Clock Picker is a prototype for Sunbird 0.3a1 and Lightning test builds only.

For installation instructions, see the bottom of this page.

The Clock Picker project is a subproject of Calendar Help.

Why use Clock Picker?

Use Clock Picker if you prefer a visual representation of times on a conventional clock face.

How to use Clock Picker

To use Clock Picker, open a time picker in the normal way.

To change the minute, select anywhere on the outer edge of the clock face. Drag the minute hand to where you want it. Dragging it around the top of the clock changes the hour.

To change the hour, select anywhere in the middle of the clock face (but not right at the center). Drag the hour hand to where you want it. Dragging it around the top of the clock changes between AM and PM.

To close the picker, click anywhere outside it.

Clearing the time

To clear the time, click the Clear button at the bottom right of the picker. Select AM or PM, then drag the hour hand to where you want it.

Set the minute and close the picker as described above.

Setting an exact minute

To set an exact minute, release the Resolution button at the bottom left of the picker. When the button is released, you can move the minute hand to an exact minute.

When the Resolution button is pressed, you can only move the minute hand to a multiple of 5 minutes.

Installing Clock Picker

To use the Clock Picker prototype, you must have Sunbird 0.3a1, or a later version of Sunbird, or a test build of Lightning installed in Thunderbird.

To install Clock Picker, choose Tools – Extensions... from Sunbird's or Thunderbird's menu bar. Drag the link below and drop it in the Extensions window:


Note:   Clock Picker version numbers have no relationship to Sunbird or Lightning version numbers.

Wait for the download, and allow the installation to proceed.

Restart Sunbird or Thunderbird.

Uninstalling Clock Picker

To uninstall, return to the Extensions window. Select Clock Picker and press the Uninstall button. Close and restart Sunbird or Thunderbird.

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